KOLDING Rikkes Bücher

Rikke Revsholm´s list of books for Delmenhorst. She carefully chose books that were translated into German:

For the last 15 – 20 years there has been a strong trend in modern Danish literature, where the authors write very much about their own lives and their own upbringing. Often quite harsh stories, but also relatable to people on the level of details where you recognize specific brands of candy, certain songs, ways of dressing etc in the detailed writing and pinpoint the time and place by these things that we all experienced.

One writer is Erling Jepsen. He writes about a decidedly NOT happy childhood just a little south of Kolding in several books: Dreck am Stecken (2004, dt. 2006); Fürchterlich glücklich (2004, dt. 2010); Die Kunst im Chor zu weinen (2002, dt. 2007). Dark, Danish, with understated tragic comedy.

Knud Romer is of the same tradition. The story of growing up in small town Denmark – after WW2, with a German mother and the challenges and stigma that presented back then. Wer blinzelt, hat Angst vor dem Tod (2006, dt. 2007).

Denmark as a whole feels quite responsible for how the people of Greenland have been treated during the time Greenland has been part of the Danish Kingdom. Kim Leine has received great acclaim for his books about the life in Greenland – harsh books and a beautiful gripping writing style. Die Untreue der Grönländer (2009)

A female take on contemporary Danish novels: Helle Helle, Die Vorstellung von einem unkomplizierten Leben mit einem Mann (2002, dt. 2012); Ida Jessen, Wie ein Mensch (dt. 2003).

We have some excellent writers of children´s books in Denmark. Danes at the moment like children´s stories that deal with serious topics in a way that includes humour and a belief that children are capable of handling “big things” – also the things we don´t like to talk and think about. Two extremely popular authors: Jakob Martin Strid, Ein kleiner Frosch macht Ärger (2017); Herr Rumpelpumpel fliegt weg (2013). Kim Fupz Aakeson, Erik und das Opa-Gespenst (2005); Hugo und Hassan (2021).